A podcast exploring how we can live fuller more true hearted lives. Self awareness conversations to quieten the negative inner critic, give yourself permission to be more curious in life, deepen relationships and feel freer to show up for ourselves and the people around us.





Hey, hey... I'm Sas.

I was born in East Los Angeles but moved to the suburbs at the age of six. I met the most amazing people and went to fantastic schools during those formative years, however I’ve always been a city girl at heart. Los Angeles and New York City beckon me daily, because currently I’m living in the suburbs again. I feel like a fish-out-of-water, but I’m hoping that somehow qualifies me as a mermaid. 

I am a former high school teacher, soccer coach, and student council advisor. It was the greatest gift to spend my days sharing space and time with those teenagers. My life’s treasure will always be the massive compilation of hilarious and touching memories that were born out of those times. The funniest thing about teaching? I think that it was actually the students who taught me. I am a much better human for every single one of those kids. 

I got totally side swiped by a litany of diseases and symptoms, which grew unbearably difficult and finally catalyzed my tearful resignation from teaching. For almost ten years, I’ve been in full-time medical treatment. Amidst the devastating loss of dreams and terribly painful symptoms, I’ve met some of the most stunning people who have reframed my whole concept of life, love, and faith. By God’s grace, I am finally actually getting better.

Through all the years, some things continue to remain true about me… 

I inadvertently collect embarrassing moments and love to laugh at them. 

I find few things as soothing as walking without an umbrella during a rainstorm. 

One of my deepest aspirations is to personally evolve so that I can love people and the planet more meaningfully and healthfully. The other is to have looser hips on the dance floor. 

I love hard, and I ache over injustice. I also have a lot of blind spots and desperately want to uncover them. 

I love people. All people (though sometimes they don’t love me.. darn!).

This podcast is one of my life's biggest passion projects. I am beyond blessed to create this with Kim, someone with a brilliant soul who continually marks lives in the most beautiful and indelible ways.

We are so honored to connect with you here. Please reach out because there’s nothing we’d love more than to get to know YOU!

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kimberley smith

Hey there, I'm Kim - the blonde Australian half of this podcast!

By day I'm a contemporary singing coach who is particularly fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves about our abilities and permission to create. Can you see why I might be excited to have these open-hearted conversations on a podcast? ;)

I grew up in New Zealand (though I was born an Aussie) and have been living in Melbourne (the city version of the love of my life) for over a decade now.

I love to wear many hats - singer, eco warrior, food piglet, author (we'll get to that in a second), dog lover, enthusiastic but-not-very-good dancer and recovering people pleasing perfectionist.

The podcast is a real labour of love for Sas and me and we're thrilled that you've taken time to listen to us ponder some of the more vulnerable parts of being human at this point in time.

I wrote a book called The Moderately Tortured Artist in the hope of helping musicians become more aware of what emotions and fears are holding them back from really exploring their art and following their dreams.

But what's really cool about this podcast is that we get to have these discussions that include EVERYONE, musically inclined or not. So thank you again for coming on board this often deep, sometimes hilarious rollercoaster with us. Strap yourself in and please reach out and connect.